What is the Ideal Room Temperature for People with Insomnia?

As we know that the temperature of the bedroom can affect our ability to sleep faster and soundly. But in fact, there are a lot of people who not really care about the room temperature, therefore several people have some troubles with their sleep. If you’re not really saving electricity, and want to get better quality sleep, you can try reassigning the air conditioner temperature.

As with the sudden room temperature changes, ambient room temperature is also important for your health . That’s because our body temperature naturally peaks and decreases over a 24-hour period, with the highest number occurring at night and the lowest at around 5 am.

In addition, research showed that insomnia occurs in a poor body temperature, therefore you have to be able to control your body temperature and it begins with your room temperature. Furthermore, if you have trouble sleeping at night, a cooler room will be able to make you comfortable to sleep at night and it will increase your sleep quality level.

In addition to offering faster sleep and also soundly, there are other reasons to keep the room temperature cool. Here’s the review!

1. Make you look younger
When you are sleeping in a warm room, then it can prevent the body from several diseases and also become the natural anti-aging treatment. Once we fall asleep in total darkness in cold room temperature, the body will more easily release melatonin.

2. Helps to lose weight
If we are not getting enough sleep, we will wake up with high levels of cortisol, which means more likely to feel hunger and experience increased anxiety. Besides, for you who has an intention of doing a diet, it will be better if you set the best temperature or your room.

3. Lowering the risk of metabolic disease
Another research showed that sleep at a proper temperature which is accepted by your body, then it will be able to reduce the risk of diabetes. Besides, it is also able to lose your weight, and also the fat in it. Over time, this can reduce the risk of metabolic disease.


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